Broad-Bodied Chaser

Broad-Bodied Chaser
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Monday, 14 March 2011

White-tailed Eagle in Hampshire - March 2nd

Arriving at Old Basing just after dawn, so began a long wait. It became apparent that it was a large area, and a group of around 30 eventually gathered on the side of a field overlooking the valley. A cold six hours followed in a freezing northerly wind, whilst the Eagle didn't look like it was going to put in an appearance.  The haunting dead Magpies and Crows placed by farmers on the adjacent fence seemed to sum up the situation - grim:

Then suddenly the mood changed; word came that it was showing in a tree opposite one of the nearby farms, so a five minute mass dash ensued. Arriving at the new location was like being in a different world - the sun came out, it was warm, there was no wind, and the icing on the cake was the White-tailed Eagle sat in a tree about 200 meters away. 

It was a close call though as it soon took flight, straight across a field in front of the small crowd before heading back and gaining height. As the juvenile bird rose two Buzzards mobbed it, the Eagle making them look tiny in comparison; not surprising as this is one of the largest birds in the world.  It drifted off behind some trees and wasn't seen again that day.

Not a great shot due to distance:

Worth the wait though!

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