Broad-Bodied Chaser

Broad-Bodied Chaser
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Norfolk Nudist Beach - Don't Forget Your Big Lens!

These Little Terns were on a busy beach on the north coast, on a sunny day earlier in August. 

They seemed quite happy amongst the tourists, horses, dogs, children, kite flyers and nudists!! As some may know a section of this beach is a designated nudist area, into which I headed with a camera and a large lens!

For some reason the Little Terns only seemed bothered by one person on the busy beach - a nudist walking along the tide line.  I was watching this man for some time, as one of the terns was mobbing him constantly, stooping to about a foot above his head each time.  He was actually unaware of the tern following him along the beach.  He was, however, looking at me, clearly wondering why I was staring at him.  I was itching to raise my lens and get a few snaps of this hilarious encounter, but probably not the wisest of moves given the circumstances.  You will just have to make do with the following shots of the terns themselves:

Good to see that a number of Little Terms had fledged from this site; I wonder if they are second broods given the late dates.  Whilst these young birds were flying well, they were still dependent on parents who came along every few minutes to provide fish.

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