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Broad-Bodied Chaser
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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Rutland Ospreys - Catch Them While You Can

There is a fantastic web cam on the nest of the breeding pair of Ospreys in Manton Bay, Rutland Water.  Three chicks have grown quickly over the last few weeks and have become more active, no doubt soon ready to fledge:

To get an even better experience you have to visit; you can view both adults and three large chicks from two hides at Lyndon Reserve. Great sunny Sunday weather helped, as some terrific views were had of these superb birds. 

The female was waiting on the nest as the male had been gone for nearly three hours.  When it returned, it didn't arrive with a fish.  However, the dissapointment was short-lived. Within minutes it was hovering over the bay and dropped down to pick a fish out of the water and head over to the nest.  At this point all three chicks could be seen well through the scopes, as well as the two adults. The male sat on a nearby post and eventually caught another fish in the bay again dropping it into the nest before heading off with part (a head?) to eat on the post.  Although a little distant, it was possible to get some intersting shots of the action.

Fishing over the bay:

Rising after a successful catch:

At the nest:

Other birds in the area included a number of singing Sedge Warblers, and a group of Little Egrets.

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